Free Machine Downtime Tracker Excel Template


If you’re trying to monitor your machine shop, you’ll probably want to measure downtime. It’s hard enough trying to get your operators to buy in, and most of the time they’ve got more important things to do than keep track of when their machine went down. It’s still neccessary though to keep tracking what your machines are doing - as Whitworth said

You can only make as good as you can measure

so if you’re trying to make optimisations to your manufacturing process or trying to cut down on your no. 1 cause of downtime, you need to be tracking your machines.

It’s easier to track this kind of information with a spreadsheet, so TrackMyMachines made a quick and intuitive weekly downtime tracker to help you track your machines.

Even with a spreadsheet though, it’s laborious work inputting all the information for when a machine went down, and for how long, and on which shift. That’s why we’ve developed a simple machine monitoring system that requires no user input and works on any machine.

TrackMyMachines is a system that requires no user input, and works on any machine

If you still want to start tracking your machine downtime with a spreadsheet, then you can download it here

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