Data Source User Guide


So your Data Source’s just arrived, how do you get it up and running?

Add a machine to your TrackMyMachines account

You should have an account set up at (if not get in touch with support at

  1. Log in to your account on your phone
  2. Scan the QR code on your Data Source

    Sensor box
    Scan the QR code on your Data Source
  3. You’ll be prompted for your machine name. Put it in and click “Create Machine”

Install the Data Source into your CNC Machine

WARNING: All installation tasks must be completed by an authorized, properly qualified and skilled person who:
  • Has read and understood the information presented here
  • Is aware of the possible dangers and acts accordingly
  • Is familiar with electrical machinery
  • Is trained and authorized to work on electrical machinery
  1. Check the Data Source for any damage, if it is damaged contact support

  2. Isolate CNC Machine

  3. Screw the antenna onto the Retriever

  4. Plug the bootlace ferrule of the positive side of the DC cable into the 24v supply in the back of your machine cabinet, there should be many available sockets.

Wondering which side is the positive terminal?
The positive terminal is the one with the black plastic fuse holder on it. The positive cable is also marked with a dashed white line.
DC Cable
DC Cable showing black fuse holder - this is the positive side
  1. Plug the other terminal into the 0v or ground supply

  2. Plug the DC Jack into the Data Source

  3. Attach the Current Transducer around a single phase of your 3-phase spindle power supply

    Current Transducer
    Current Transducer
Wondering where your spindle power supply is?
In the back of the machine cabinet, there will be a set of axis amplifiers for all the axes in the machine. The spindle amplifier is often labelled "SP" or "SP1"
  1. Plug the Current Transducer into your Data Source in the 3.5mm jack closest to the antenna

    Sensor box front
    Plug the current transducer into the front of your Data Source
  2. Peel the backing off the velcro, attach it to the back of your Data Retriever and attach the Data Source somewhere the WiFi signals should get out (most likely near the fan outlets).

  3. Close the machine cabinet

  4. Turn the machine on

Add the Data Source to your WiFi network

  1. Install the ESP Smart Config App Android iOS
  2. Make sure your Data Source is on (one LED must be on, the other can be off, flashing or on)
  3. Make sure your phone is connected to the WiFi network you want to connect the Data Source to
  4. Make sure you’re near the Data Source with your phone
  5. Enter your WiFi password
  6. Click CONFIRM
  7. Wait for the Data Source to receive your WiFi credentials
  8. Once the Data Source has your credentials and is connected to the WiFi, there should be one LED on and the other should be flashing
  9. Once the Data Source connects to our server, the second LED should be on
  10. You can confirm the Data Source is working when both LEDs are on and not flashing